Road Trip Day Two: St. George, Utah

We started the morning with biscuits and gravy courtesy of Best Western in Las Vegas. Yesterday's post was written before the night was over, and right after I wrote it, I started getting warnings on my phone and over the radio about both thunderstorms, and sandstorms. The power went out in the hotel and the wind and rain was nuts.

Of course I would be there when it rains in the desert.

The car was filthy in the morning, the rain was filled with dust. But the storm had blown out, so the air was clear, though warm.

We had about a half tank of gas, so we decided to fill up the tank. The first gas station we went to was closed. The second one was also closed, and we decided to buy ice and figure out what the deal with the gas was. Apparently the storm shut down all the gas stations for miles! Shout out to the woman working at Arco who told us.

Without filling up, we drove a half hour out to Hoover Damn. While not as mind blowingly huge as Shasta Dam, it was still awesome. There is a new bypass bridge that you can walk across and view the dam. It's amazing! It spans across Nevada and Arizona, so we walked to Arizona!

After that, we checked out the Neon Museum. While small, it was really cool! Those neon signs on the strip are enormous!

We headed out to St. George, Utah from there. It's only about two hours out from Vegas, but it was hard for me. I was far more anxious during those two hours than on the way to Vegas, but I made it.

St. George is a mid sized city, situated in the middle of red cliffs and pink striped desert hills. It has a large white Mormon temple in the center. The cliffs are beautiful. We found a little park called Pioneer Park and Gardens where they have a large number of native plant species you can check out, and awesome red cliff canyons you can climb.

Tomorrow we hit Zion and Salt Lake City. Hope I can handle the drive.

This is my favorite photo from today! The red cliffs are really something.