Road Trip Day One: Las Vegas, Nevada

So today was day one of my 2 week road trip. I'm doing a 3000 mile loop from Oakland, CA down to Las Vegas, out to Yellowstone, up and over to Seattle, then back down to the bay.

I knew today would be the hardest day. A brutal 9 hour drive through the central valley, in 100+ degree weather. The air was ashy and dusty. I was nervous for the last quarter of the drive, panic disorder enjoys rearing it's ugly head at the most annoying moments, but I lived.

The Best Western in North Vegas is decent, but it's hotter than shit here. I guess the area we're in is very new, there are open housing developments all over and it feels like no planning was put into the street layout.

Biggest I'm not in the bay shocker: PLASTIC BAGS AT GROCERY STORES. They put a single item in a bag. They put my bananas, alone, into a bag. I had other items, but they were not put into the bag. I just don't understand.

This is my favorite photo from today.

This is an art installation called Seven Magic Mountains. It's about 30 miles out from Las Vegas. It's a really cool place!