Road Trip Day Three: Salt Lake City, Utah

Day three was easier than day two, though the temptation to get on the 80 and take it all the way home is so strong.

We started off visiting Zion National Park. It looks like Yosemite and Vas Quez Rocks had a child. It's fucking gorgeous. The red cliffs are insane. It was packed with tourists, but we found parked and took a short hike. We definitely want to come back here, but I'd rather fly into St. George than ever have to go through Las Vegas again. That place is a hell hole.

After Zion, we made the 5 hour drive up to Salt Lake City. Utah is a weird place. The way they name streets is annoying. Like 2600 South Street. That's literally what it says on signs. As in, you drive on the highway and the exit signs say 2600 So. It wouldn't be so bad except the numbers aren't in order and some streets are named normally. Also, they refer to these streets like 26th. Not twenty-six hundred, or two thousand six hundred. Why not just call it 26th???

We went and checked out the Salt Lake. It smells. Bad.

There were so many flies, it was gross and awesome. But what was really cool was the sheer amount of spiders. It was horrific. Thousands of quarter-sized orb spiders on the rocks, eating.

After that, we found out way up hill to get a view. There is a fire burning like 70 miles from SLC, and the wind is blowing it into the city, where it sits in the basin, stewing. It's gross.

Tomorrow we hit Yellowstone. Hope I don't die.