Road Trip Day Four: Pocatello, Idaho

The day started with a visit to the Hill Aerospace Museum in Ogden, Utah. They have a lot of planes. It's quite impressive, but all I could think about was the sheer number of bombs these planes dropped and how many people they killed. Also, just one of these planes cost at least $10,000,000.

The original plan was to go to West Yellowstone, stay there for two days, then hit Missoula, MT, then shoot over to Spokane, WA. Well, we didn't plan as well as we should have, so we decided to stay in Pocatello, ID instead then skip over to Boise, ID, then head for Seattle. 

It was in Malad, ID that the trouble started. I wasn't feeling great, and then came the panic attack. I haven't had one of this level in at least 5 years. It was horrible. I just wanted to go home. We still had an hour out to Pocatello. I felt like I was going to die the whole time. 

But I made it. We had a half hour before check-in to the hotel, so we drove around Pocatello for a while, then went to the Museum of Clean. It's a pretty awesome place, I saw the world's first vacuum and met the creator/ founder, Don Aslett, who gave me a free book that he wrote. He's a sweetie. The whole building is really cool, LEED certified, and has an awesome collection of cleaning items. I felt like I'd been hit by a truck, but I could appreciate it. 

After that, we checked in, I attempted to eat, and still feel horrible. 

Here's my favorite photo from today though.