Road Trip Day Seven: Kennewick, Washington

We started out in Boise. I was anxious about the 4 and a half hour drive over to the Tri-Cities area of Washington. The route goes up and over some mountains, then descends rapidly to flat farmland. From the top, you can see for around 50 miles, probably more, but the air quality has been shiiit.

Boise is about an hour from the Oregon border, the Snake River being the border, with Ontario right on the other side. Funny thing, Ontario is on Mountain time, but the rest of the state isn't. Leaving the mid-west and returning to the west coast felt like a boulder had been lifted off of my chest.

It sounds so stupid, but I feel like the world makes more sense. Travelling is supposed to widen your horizons or whatever, and while it has definitely shown me just how much of a bubble I live in, it's only made me more desperate to return home. I don't know if this whole road tripping thing is for me. It's been so fucking hard. I haven't felt this anxious and miserable in literally years. There hasn't even been anything particularly bad on this trip, but it's very stressful.

But hey, I lived through a panic attack in the middle of buttfuck nowhere, so that should count for something.

Anyway, back to the trip. We stopped over in Baker, Oregon to visit the Leo Alder Museum. It's this dude, Leo Adler's house. It's been restored to it's 1800's glory. It's stunning. The wallpaper is crazy, and the old furniture and doors were very cool.

After that, we booked it straight to Kennewick. We saw a horrific accident on the way, at least 2 semi-trucks, and a couple cars. A chilling reminder to obey traffic laws and that trucks are really bad.

Upon reaching Kennewick, I was surprised at how much it looks like my hometown. We checked out a book store and got a free D&D adventure, and then met with my stepbrother and his family. They are very nice and confused that I am so normal.

Heading for Seattle tomorrow, I am looking forward to being in a metro and in the same hotel for a few days.

Here's my favorite image from today. What I like about it, is that I look normal here. I don't look like I've been battling anxious thoughts all day, or that I had a horrific panic attack only a few days ago. It just looks like regular me, having fun. Also, hand chairs.